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Are you ready to become a professional soul seeker?

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Upcoming Events

Conscious Creative
Workshop - NYC

4.14.24 - 11am to 3pm

A workshop for healers + creatives to activate their purpose and transform their business. This experience will help you shift your consciousness so you can create in your business better and live in purpose more. You will leave feeling more fulfilled, confident and equipped in your capabilities of turning your dreams into a reality.


Who We Are

The Soul Seekers Club is an online community for healers and creatives to deepen their devotion to purpose and learn how to create their business from a space of authenticity. We help dreamers like you do the shadow work you need to break through limited beliefs, learn how to create content that converts, and provide a platform to network with like-minded soul seekers.


Our community allows to you host your offers and services as an official Soul Seeker through our Sou lSeeker director. Get access to other. We help you turn your purpose into your lifestyle through our quarterly  transformation programs. Our fly meetups and retreats overseas 

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